A Few Reasons Why We Choose to Homeschool

We love homeschooling, because it's so flexible. We don't have to be in bed by a certain time, or send one off to school after a sleepless night.

Many of the children in our area come from homes having little or no moral values taught. We feel that homeschooling gives us the parents more influence in cultivating the character of our child, as opposed to spending most of the day with random children. ~Yeah, eventually she'll go to college, be out in the world, but she'll be older and more confident, with values instilled, and hopefully more prepared than she would have been had she "faced the world" in grade school.

In our neck of the woods, rain has broken a long hot dry spell. Our burn ban is still on. We've had a lot of three digit temperature days, but there's only a few more weeks left in summer. Soon it will be fall. ~ Back to school time, back to routine and eighth grade.

I'm already working on our schedule for the 2012-2013 school year. I use Open office and https://docs.google.com/ so that I can access info from either computer easily. Do you plan early?


  1. Good old Homeschooling, those good values can still be taught.
    How this nation has changed since the removal of good moral curriculum that contained teachings from the Bible. Praise God we have a choice! Homeschool is a blessing.

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  3. Blessing to you on your wise choice to homeschool.

    Here is a poem from McGuffey's Reader that makes it easy for kids to learn the Ten Commandments;


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