It's June

Happy June everyone!  We're off for the summer.  We'll kick our homeschool back in gear this fall. Eighth grade will be coming up.  We'll be excited then, but for now it's just summer fun, good family movies, and some good books.  We all need a break from the everyday routine. To renew our energy and motivation.

Here are some classic books we like. They're in the public domain at Project Gutenberg. (http://www.gutenberg.org/)  You can download them to read on your  computer, or put them on an ereader.   You can even put them on your mp3 player if it has a text function. 

Treasure Island
Peter Pan
Peter Rabbit
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Anne Of Green Gables
Elsie Dinsmore

Hope you're having a great June!

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  1. Enjoy your summer!
    Thanks for the book links.
    I am thankful for Gutenberg books.
    I go there often.
    Love ya, Aunt B


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