Staying Comfy December

Thanks for joining us for our last Staying Comfy. Our first one was on January 19th 2010. This month will complete an entire year. A special thanks goes to all who participated.

Now on with Staying Comfy.

What do you do to stay comfy around the holidays? Have you put up your tree? Do you go caroling? On this special December Staying Comfy tell us all about your Christmas preparations, festivities, and/or traditions.

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Merry Christmas from 1Homeshcool!

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  1. Hi Tammy,
    I would love to join in the staying comfy.
    Do you have a staying comfy button link I can put on my blog?? This sounds fun..

    Now that it is getting chillier outside,I try to make more soups, Chili's, stews, & etc.. We also love to wrap up in blankets,throws, Snuggies,
    (my son has one and I am so jealous I would love to have one),dress in our pj's all day even while homeschooling, and my fav turning on the fireplace it just sets the snuggling mood especially when reading or wanting the kids to mellow out during homeschool. I just love fall it is my favorite season. Winter is not to bad, just means less going out and more pj days woohooo !!
    Oh and another thing I love to do is burn the wonderful smelling candles...yep that just tops it all off.


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