Happy New Year

At Celebrations there are lots of ideas for a family friendly new years eve party. ...OR....Ring in the new year with your own family traditions. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
  1. Craft. Make party hats, shakers, even placemats or napkin rings. Get everyone in on the fun. Have everyone color a little new years picture, then save them in a folder to look at next year.
  2. Watch a movie. Break out one of your family's favorites or even try out a family friendly new one. Don't forget the popcorn!
  3. Play Games. Play a board game, cards or even a video game, as long as it's together.
  4. Read. Have, Mom, Dad or an older child read a new or old favorite book aloud.
  5. Talk. Talk about the future... Make some resolutions.
  6. Sing. If you feel comfortable singing, then have a family sing along. The old hymns can be a great comfort for the future. One of my favorites, goes...
Many things about tomorrow
I don't seem to understand,

but I know who holds tomorrow,
and I know who holds my hand.

Finally our favorite...
  • Pray in the new year. ... a little before the new year strikes or right after, join hands with family members and all together, or individually, pray. It's a good way to voice concerns about the future, offer praise for blessings you've already received, or ask for guidance in future decisions. I sometimes write my new years prayer in a journal. It's a good feeling to know that your first action of the new year was to pray. An old radio program called Family Theater, used to always say. "The family that prays together, Stays together." Don't forget to share a favorite scripture before bed.
May you walk in his ways, and be in his blessings in the coming new year.

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  1. Hi Tammy,

    Great ideas! Our family started a new tradition for New Year's this year - hopefully one we'll not repeat any time soon - dueling coughing and sneezing fits. lol. New Year's Day dinner went from a roast to canned chicken soup as we all had terrible colds. Hopefully, we're just getting it out of the way for the year. (One can hope anyway.)

    I would love if you would consider adding my art resource site to the ones you already list. Everything's family friendly and in the public domain. Each picture also includes the original source information which could provide some learning opportunities for children. One interesting thing I've explored with old pictures and drawings of places is researching what they were like when the drawing/painting was created vs. what the place looks like now and how it may have changed through history.

    Happy New Year and Best Wishes for continued success with your blogging!

    Warmest Regards,


  2. Hi Tammy, I wanted to come by and wish you and your family a most blessed and Happy new Year! Hugs,


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