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We've recently discovered, a site called My Test Book. You just sign up for free, and use it. There are printable, and online tests for grades 1-8
Areas covered are Math, Science, Reading & Grammar, and General Knowledge.
There's also an option to make your own tests, and questions. You can schedule weekly tests for regular practice. You can also create classes and student accounts. They boast of being a 100% FREE website. Give it a try!

Also there are free Writing and Multiplication resources here on 1 Homeschool, and MANY free resources on School 4 Free.

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  1. Good Morning Tammy,
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    I love your background, and I see you made it! great job, that is on my to do list. but first I have to learn how to enlarge and get my photos on photobucket a little more clear.lol.
    Enjoy your week.


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