Thankful Thursday

Iris at Grace Alone is hosting Thankful Thursday this month. This week it's about trials. There are other Thankful Thursday posts here.

I haven't written in a while. I hurt my back, and I couldn't sit for very long at a time. I mostly stayed in bed with my heating pad, but thanks to a lot of praying friends and family I'm getting a lot better. Thank the Lord. He's always with me, even when I'm not good company.

My house, on the other hand isn't looking too good, but with the good Lord's help, I'll get caught up. So today I'm VERY thankful to be up and about.


  1. So glad that you're praising the Lord in the midst of your trials. It's wonderful to have praying friends too.


  2. Bless you for praising Him through the pain, be sweetly blessed.

  3. I am getting up and about again after the flu so I know how you feel. Glad you are getting to feeling better!

  4. Tammy, I too rejoice on this "Thankful Thursday"
    that you were able to write. I have missed you. I tried to post a comment earlier, but I don't think it worked. I didn't want to miss the chance to tell you, that I too rejoice in what God is doing for you. SO I wrote again. We take being able to be up moving about for granted. I'm so glad you are back with us. I love you.

  5. It's always great to see someone be able to give God praise even when they are hurting.

    Good for you! God bless!

  6. This is the first time that I have been to your blog. Sounds like you have reason to be thankful - being able to get around better now! I will pray that you continue to feel better and get everything caught up!

  7. Tam, Glad you are doing better. We prayed for you at church as I know others did. God sure is good.
    We miss you when you aren't on. God Bless and we love you.

  8. I hope your back is better. You have a lovely blog. I see you love homeschooling. It's a great gift to give your children. Doylene

  9. yup..sometimes we're not good company but God is always there with us..He is just amazing!! Praying for you :)


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