Mispronunciations. We all do it. We love to hear Fizz talk. He says the cutest things. Like once recently in Burger King, He offered his sister a “ring-a-ring” (onion ring). We hadn't even realized that's what he called them until he said that.

The latest one was at the table. We play a game we made up called “The Movie Game”. To play, someone starts by saying, “ I'm thinking of someone from the movie.....” Then the other players try to guess who it is.

It was Peach's turn, and she was thinking of someone from the movie, “The Jungle Book.” We were all guessing, when Fizz said, “Oh I know!. It's Balloon the Bear!” Peach said, “Balloon the Bear?” and He said, “Well that's what I said, Balloon the Bear.”

Needless to say, we all got a BIG kick from that. He can be such a hoot! I'm sure we'll all start saying that now. He's quite the trend setter around here.


  1. My boys have a few of those. My oldest called marshmallows, marshwindows; I still don't have any idea where that one came from. One of my other kids calls pretzels, prinzels. These are things we'll never forget and will treasure.

  2. How cute! He does say some of the cutest things. I love to hear him talk, especially on the phone when he really gets to going. God bless little Fizz, Lord knows he has blessed us.


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