The Snuggly Snake Adventure

One day last week, Fizz was playing in his room when I called him to breakfast. He came, ate his breakfast, and did his homeschool. When he got through, instead of going to his room to play like usual. He said, “I'm not going back there. I saw an animal, and I'm scared". He had recently called an earthworm an animal, so it got me thinking. I asked where it was. He said it was in his floor. So I asked if it was another worm. He said, “No it was a snake”. He said it wiggled around and then went under his bed. So flashlight in hand, Mr. G went to look under his bed. We cleaned out the whole room. No snake, but Fizz was really scared. He played in Peach’s room for the rest of the week.
I admit I was worried. We have to exterminate mice constantly since we live next door to an empty house. We didn’t really know what to do. I had the bright idea of sprinkling flour across the doorways to see if there were any tracks. There were none. So life went on, I was leery but, you know, maybe Fizz was wrong.
Then a week later, on Labor Day morning, I was awakened by Mr.G literally jumping over me to get out of the bed, yelling, "I've got to get out of here!" I thought He was sick at first. I sat up with my feet on the floor. He had me by the shoulders trying desperately to tell me....something. It was pure babble. He was acting so strangely I thought, "ok He's asleep." So, I began saying "Wake up! You’re asleep. It's ok! It's ok!" By this time, he could form words, and He said, “No It’s NOT ok! It's ...it’s a snake!!” I said, “OH! Why didn’t you say so?", and immediately jumped up. Of course by now the snake had crawled away.
It had apparently been cold, and wanted to snuggle with Mr. G to get warm. He woke up with it crawling down his back, and he thought it was a spider. When he saw what it was, he panicked.
Thus begun the Snake Hunt. There was a stack of blankets at the foot of the bed, so I moved them up to a futon couch we have in our room. We carefully removed the sheets from our bed, then the mattresses. There were shoes, some trash, I'm ashamed to say, but no snake. There was however a little mouse hole in the corner. He had apparently escaped.
So I decided then and there to move away, possibly to another city, I admit I prayed some too. In the meantime Mr. G fixed the mouse hole, but I was so disturbed I couldn't even begin to put the bedroom back in order.
A little while later I heard Mr. G say, “Hey, bring me the flashlight." He had found the snake coming out from under the stack of blankets I had moved! I had picked the thing up! Yuk!! It was now under the futon couch. So we scooted the couch out. There he was, just a black rat snake about 2 ½ feet long not really big, but too big to snuggle with. We let Fizz see, and he said, "Yep that's it. I told you!"
The snuggly snake is outside now where he belongs. Peach is at her aunt’s house, I don’t know when, if ever, she’ll want to come home. I’m not sure I want to be here.


  1. Hey, the story and the blog is looking great. "You may have talent." Just kidding. I really enjoy it every time I visit. Keep up the good work.

  2. I believe I'd probably be thinking about moving as well. It would probably take a miracle to get one of my sons back into that bed. Good luck with that and I hope Peach comes home soon. LOL


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