Rainy Day Tricks

Got any rainy day tips and tricks? It’s been raining a lot here, and Fizz gets tired of it. He hates rain. He’ll look out the window and say, “Oh no, not again. I wish that rain would stop.”
So we tried watching an old episode of Gullah Gullah Island (one of his favorites when he was little).
On this particular episode the main character, James doesn’t like rain, so the others teach him the importance of it. They also make a rain band using a cookie pan for thunder. They blow in bottles, to create wind sounds, and drop rice in a skillet to make the sound of rain dropping.
Watching that does help Fizz some. At least it curbs the complaining for a bit. If you have any rainy day ideas drop me a comment.


  1. If the temperature is still warmish I let the children go out to play in the rain to splash to their hearts content. My children would rather go outside on rainy days than sunny ones LOL!
    We had a very floody day yesterday so they had a grand ol' time stompin' and splashin' outside.

  2. For those days that I don't let them outside we will put together a huge jigsaw puzzle or play a long game of risk (or monopoly) or set up a falling domino course. Something that we only do on rainy days so it'll be special.

  3. rainy days are so hard for moms, but I admire the way you teach your child about rain! Please send us in dry Arizona your rain. Can we trade?

  4. If it isn't a thunderstorm, I usually give my seven year old an umbrella and her rubber boots. She loves going out in the rain. It gives a different perspective on the world.

    Those rainy dark mornings are also good for reading together or setting up blanket tents in the living room. You could rabbit trail that into a study of nomadic life, pioneers, or native American studies. ;o)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    Peace and Laughter,


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