I Posted!!!!!

Now that I can actually post.... I'll tell a little about us… I homeschool our two children. The first we'll call Peach. She’s a little cutie, soon to be ten, and in the fifth grade this year. The other is our 18 year old with Down Syndrome. He drinks pop continually so we'll dub him Fizz. Fizz still homeschools daily with Peach. Some days he's rotten but mostly he's a hoot. He keeps us laughing. He is working on his reading. We actually started our 09-10 school year this week. We bought our supplies a couple of weeks ago and put them away. They really enjoyed going through them and organizing them into their school boxes the first day. -My husband we’ll label him “Mr. G” because He plays guitar. No He lives guitar. Anyway He was home between college classes and was able to pray with us to begin our day and our year. It was good. I look forward to a great new school year with God’s blessing.

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