Bible Stories and Memory Verses

What we plan to do in our Bible time this year, is to go back over the basic stories, apply them to daily life by discussion and resources found.

We begin usually here at Garden of Praise. Once there click on "Children's Bible Lessons" (about the second link down on the left I believe.)

She has short stories that you can read or listen to. There are several activities for each story. Some even have games.

Then you can test your knowledge. It even grades your tests and records your scores.


We are having one Memory Verse per week this year. One thing I'm trying, is putting the verse into a picture, then setting it as our desktop background/wallpaper on our computer. That way we're seeing it constantly when using the computer, and even when walking by it.
It seemed to work very well this week. We say it a couple of times through the day.

Another thing we've tried is to have her write where the current memory verse is found, on her school work when she puts her name and date on them. For instance this weeks was Psa. 4:8.

She wrote it several times this week and in the process, knows not only the memory verse well , but the location in the Bible also.

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  1. Good Idea having her write the memory verse with the date. That's something We could have used in our homeschool. I have a terrible time remembering where scriptures are. Maybe this will help Kayla. Good Work! Thanks for the Links.


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