Homeschool Testing

We're in what I call review mode. That's right before our studies are put on hold to kick in the test prep. Yeah it's that time again.

We're actually going to try testing at home this year through Seton. I've never done it before. We've always tested through the local homeschool group. The homeschool group's test is actually much shorter than the Seton, and doesn't cost. The Seton test will cost us 25 bucks.

So why test at home? Well the answer lies mostly in the fact that I'll be able to see how she's doing in more subject areas since the test covers more. The results come in faster too ....they say.

There are other reasons as well. Like for instance, my little gal is NOT a morning person. A lot of our homeschool group are farm families, so they like to get it done early. I feel like she'll be able to do her best if she sleeps a little later.

If you read my blog you know that I have a son with Downs. He gets up pretty early. He is fine as long as we're at home, but if you get him up early, and leave the house, be ready for tummy trouble. Not fun. Especially away from home. He's fine if you wait until a little later in the day though. Go figure.

So in short, testing at home may work out great for us.

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