Our Spring Break

We went to Silver Dollar City over the weekend. It was really fun. A little too much walking for Fizz though. LOL
We saw (part) of a Lincoln Brewster concert. It was rained out after the third song. What there was of it was super though. The group Luminate opened for him. They were good.
Next was "Christian" comedian Doug Compton. I'm sure he means well. Parts of his routine was funny, but a lot of his material was very off-color. Especially for kids. Being young christians weekend, I found it especially inappropriate. He said some words we're not allowed to say. One thing He made reference to, I'm embarrassed to write. It was sad, honestly If I had known it would be like that we would have went after his routine. I couldn't recommend taking kids to see him. Let's pray God will help him clean it up. He seems to have lots of potential.
Over all we had a safe trip, and a great time, thank God. There wasn't enough time in one day to do all we wanted to do, but we got season tickets, so hopefully we'll be going back soon.

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  1. ♥ it sounds you guys had a fun weekend :) Ive NEVER been to Silver Dollar city or anything like that :( I wanna go sometime though I'mglad you guys had fun :) :) ☻ ♥


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