Staying Comfy -Valentine's

Welcome to the second edition of "Staying Comfy". You can read more here.

The Valentine February Staying Comfy:

How do you make your friends, and family feel comfy on Valentine's Day? What special little things do you do? What do the kids enjoy? Do you decorate, or maybe make homemade valentines?
Come and share. We look forward to hearing your version of Valentine's Day.

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  1. I couldn't do the Valentine's Meme. I went around and read it though. I'm don't know what is going on. I think it is my browser. I'm going to try to try next time on Internet Explorer. I enjoyed reading all the Memes though.
    I see Tracy's worked. She did hers several hours before I tried mine. Anyway You're doing a great job. I'll try to catch the next one. Love Aunt B


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