Our Homeschool Week

Peach has been recuperating from sickness so we haven't schooled this week like usual. I don't know if her tummy trouble was a virus or food related. It was pretty severe though. She is just now getting her appetite back good.
Her Mpact group Valentine party got postponed because of snow. We actually had it the 17th which was fine with Peach since she was really sick on Valentine's Day.
Here's some of what we'll be doing next week when she's better.

In Math...
We had already begun a decimal review. Peach had been reviewing place values of decimals, how to read decimals, and changing decimals to fractions.
Next week we'll begin changing fractions to decimals, and review adding and subtracting decimals. From there, we'll go on to multiplication and devision of decimals, as well as continuing to memorize her multiplication tables.

In addition to math,
She'll also be studying the winter Olympics. She will have spelling, penmanship, science and health.

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