File Folder Games

We love file folder games. They're good for educational purposes or even just for fun. If you already like file folder games, or even if you've never used them before, here's a great place to go. File Folder Fun!

They have lots of free downloadable file folder games, and more. There are tutorials on how to make, and use them. It's a really large site too. You can do a lot there, like make your own page. You can even upload and share your own work. They have tons of free file folder game links as well. Check it out. Just click the link above, sign up for free, and enjoy.

Also enjoy these file folder links.

~Many free printables at Positively Autism from colors to multiplication ff games.


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  1. Good Morning Tammy,
    Just coming by to say Hi and see how you all are making out with your new addition, Cookie,. I say your picture on your last post of Peach and Cookie, so sweet, and great thoughtful words to think on, and act on.
    i don't know about file folder games so I will check them out.

    I mentioned to you that we were getting a new puppy, well she has arrived and we are so enjoying her, along with, all of the other things that go along with having a puppy. LOL. We are not used to getting up three times a night and going outside in this cold. lol And like Peach we are trying to find a name for her, so we have called upon our two youngest g-daughters to help us.
    Praying your weekend is filled with many blessings,


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