Christmas Gift with Problems

Christmas is only 2 days away! We're still making last minute preparations.
We got my daughter Peach a new puppy 2 days ago. We had to get it a little early.
She, (the puppy) is a 12 week old toy poodle.
She's as cute as can be, but she has fleas!
Every spray, shampoo, or flea collar we've found, is for dogs 6 months and older.
Have any advise, suggestions, or home remedies? I'd appreciate it, if you'd leave a comment, and I know the puppy would too.

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  1. The best solution that I know of is to go to a vet and purchase Fronline. Your vet should be able to sell you the right dosage for the weight of your dog. Store brands never work for us so we stick with this.


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