The Christmas Season

Well the Christmas season is here. I'm trying to change my blog to a Christmas background I like. The backgrounds I'm finding are cute, but I'm having a hard time tweaking my font colors etc.

We haven't put up our tree, but we plan to soon. I'm busy moving things around so we can put it in the best possible spot. Where ever that is. LOL We've been listening to Christmas music though, and watching Christmas shows, and movies.

We had a great Thanksgiving. LOTS of food. I hope your season of celebrating went well. May the Christmas season be blessed with lots of prosperity and hope, and don't forget, Jesus is the reason for the season.

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  1. Your blog looks so good. Love the Victorian look!
    I haven't put up the tree yet either, but there's lots of Christmas spirit here floating around. We've wrapped presents and watched the Grinch.
    Love ya!


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