That Happened in Homeschool?

I posted yesterday about being thankful for the opportunity to homeschool, well today something cute happened that made me glad once again.

Peach had just finished her Language assignment. While I was retrieving my teacher’s book to check it, I heard Peach say, “My tooth came out!”

Sure enough I looked, and there she sat, tooth in hand! I got her a napkin, and we had a good laugh. I was glad I was able to share in her joy. I’m glad she wasn’t sitting somewhere in a classroom and waiting for permission to go to the bathroom.

I’m blessed to have seen the delight and surprise in her little face. She was proud. It was just one of the many joys of homeschooling.

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  1. Hey, Sounds like a very interesting school session today.That little tooth was ready to come out I guess. I love you guys. I am so glad also for the privalage to homeschool too.


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