http://timefortheword.blogspot.com/ Take Time for God

Take Time for God is a really neat site, done by a sweet little Bible believing lady, which happens to be my sister. She is just getting started at it, but there's already 5 lessons. Just scroll down to the bottom and begin. It's a study of proverbs. It'll bless you. In her own words...
"I realize how precious your time is and reading the Word should not get pushed aside.We try to keep the studies short and to the point, yet in depth enough so you are ministered to . I hope you come back again and again. God bless you."
So go visit over there. You'll be blessed if you "Take Time for God"


  1. I popped over and had a look. Thanks! I'll be spending some time over there, I need a little help in my devotional time and this looks like just the thing. Have a blessed week.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    How blessed to have a sister where you are able to share the gospel with one another. I have a sister that is a Christian and we enjoy the same fellowship. The only drawback is she lives a few hours away from me.
    I will certainly go and check her block out, thank you for visiting and for leaving me such sweet words of encouragement.


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